Don’t stop now if you wish to ride across wildflower fields on a copper-colored horse that urges you to let go of the reins and let him soar. It’s time to give in to that long-held desire to ride horseback.

After just a few horseback riding lessons, you can be well on your way to a new activity that brings you serenity, joy, laughter, and camaraderie. To help you with your first ride, we’ve put together a concise beginner’s guide to equestrian riding.

It will aid you in correctly dressing, mounting, and realizing all of your ambitions. Put your boots on with the help of your friends. Now is the time to go on a ride.

For the occasion, dress appropriately.

Each rider develops their style over time. On your first trip, though, there are a few things to remember.

  1. Place a pair of long slacks on your body.
  2. To keep your feet from slipping between the stirrups, wear close-toed shoes, ideally boots.
  3. Avoid is wearing flowing, attractive apparel that could get tangled in the trees, saddle, or even the horse.

Know the Horseman’s Handshake

The horseman’s handshake is a charming expression that explains how we greet a new horse. It’s crucial to go slowly as you close the distance between you and the horse.

We greet dogs with a handshake that is similar to how we welcome them when we meet them for the first time. Allow the horse to sniff the back of your hand by gracefully extending your hand.

Allow it to sit while they think about their next move. Consider the horse’s nose brushing against yours an equine high five and move on to the next phase.

Mount with zeal

Once you’ve gotten to know each other, it’s time to mount. In America, most trainers and guides will show you how to scale with the left stirrup. After your foot is in the stirrup, it’s best to propel your other leg across as smoothly as possible.

You’ll notice that your legs are vital in the next stage. As a result, even while mounting, try to lean on them. Any pressure on the horse’s neck or head may cause them to forget about your kind handshake and react negatively.

Make sure your back is straight.

Remember to sit up straight, relax your back, and keep a firm grasp on the reins once you’re in the saddle. If you use your legs to maintain a proper posture, you won’t feel unbalanced, and the horse won’t feel top-heavy.

However, leg strength is important again because you never want to pull on the reins (unless it’s time).

Dismount with Distinction

Of course, we’ve forgotten to include all the crucial components of a good ride. Keep coming back to discover more about what makes a successful ride. However, we didn’t want to leave you without the tools you’ll need to complete this course properly dismounted.

Wait until the horse has calmed down and you’ve returned to a safe location. Remove both feet from the stirrups, bend forward (without resting on your new friend’s neck), and swing your right leg over.

Anyone can ride a horse.

Anyone who likes the tranquillity of nature, the gentleness of these amazing beasts, and the simple pleasures of life will enjoy horseback riding. A single horseback ride can quickly become a lifelong hobby.

Here at Horse Riding Network, we’re your gold mine for fellow horse lovers that are about to start riding. You’ll find a lot of useful information, resources to steer you in the right direction, and a community of individuals who are willing to help. We hope you enjoyed our horseback riding lesson for beginners, and we hope to see you on the trails soon!